What Is a Green Remodel?

DAD's Construction is Orange County California's Green Remodeling Specialist


What is green remodeling and building? There is a lot of conversation about green building as people become more conscience of the environment. Global warming, ozone, VOC’s, carbon emissions, greenhouse gasses, water conservation & pollution, acid rain, landfills reaching capacity, and energy efficiency are only a few of the terms we hear each day. But what does it all mean? How can we have any positive impact on our environment? After all, we are not big manufacturers producing millions of tons of toxins each day that end up in the air we breathe and the water we drink.
Actually, we do have the power. Manufacturers only produce what the consumer wants. If you don’t buy it, they won’t make it!
Remodeling and building green is not new. DAD’s has been using green building techniques for well over a decade. Most of the materials used in green building are never seen. These are hidden behind the walls and in the finishes.

Here are some interesting facts about green remodeling and building:

  • Green remodeling and building is about ensuring that future generations will be able to enjoy our natural resources and have natural resources to utilize.
  • Green remodeling and building is about future generations having the chance to live and enjoy a healthy and meaningful life.
  • Green remodeling and building is about providing and maintaining natural habitats and ecosystems for plants and wildlife.
  • Green remodeling and building is about creating efficiency, comfort, beauty, and a more healthful environment in our homes and work places using building products that save money.
  • Green remodeling and building is about design. Designs that remodel and build homes to make their landscapes and interiors beautiful, healthy, and cost efficient. Whenever possible, design will take advantage of plentiful (and free) sun light, wind, and rain.